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   Q's   &  A's

Will there be more Sword-Dancer novels?

Yes!  The eighth volume, Sword-Bearer, is underway,

but will probably await publication of Volume 2 of

Blood & Bone before it appears.

What else is planned?

In addition to the Blood & Bone series and Sword-Bearer,

I also have other DAW novels under contract, including a

new Cheysuli novel.

What made you decide to write modern fantasy?

 I've been writing adventures set in worlds of my own creation

for nearly 40 years.  I wanted to try something new, something

fresh that challenged me in different ways--and allowed me

to use pop  culture references!  

Will you write the fourth Karavans novel?

Absolutely!  Dragon Moonthe fourth and final Karavans novel, 

will be published at some point, but DAW has declined to do so. 

 So I will self-publish, but  I'm not certain when that will be.  I'll

have to carve out time from books under contract.  But it  WILL be

written--I won't leave readers hanging forever!

Any more historicals planned?

I have nothing  specific planned at the moment, but I love historical novels as reader and writer and it's certainly possible I may write another.

Is it okay to game and write in your universes?

Once upon a time I was against this because of my agent's early concerns about Intellectual Property appropriation, and on his advice  I denied permission to do so.  These days, with the clear understanding that no money is to be made from any games, fan fiction, or associated activities involving my creations--these rights must be licensed through my agent--I'm okay with it.  

Are you on social media?

I have a very lively presence on Facebook and Twitter with active friends

and followers.   

How do I reach you?

  • Facebook
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