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Mosaics is the art of assembling stone, or hand-cut  glass, into tiles and various artistic shapes for the adornment of floors, walls, sculpture; and to cover shapes, too, cut out of various substrates such as wood.   Even if not truly familiar with mosaics, most people are aware of the stunning floors of the Roman Empire, and of course many modern kitchen backsplashes and showers feature mosaic accents.

Mosaics is an artistic discipline I always admired, and twelve years ago I decided to try my hand at it.    Over time I came to specialize in two forms of mosaics: plates, saucers, and platters; and also mosaic pendants.   Making mosaic artwork is a highly time- and labor-intensive discipline, and thus expensive, but well worth the effort.

Plate samples:  Two were commissioned, and two are in the artist's collection.  

Jewelry may be found on the next page, and also on the Sales page.


Commissions, with or without paw prints, are welcome.  I may even be able to integrate a focal point of your own choosing.  E-mail me and we can discuss ideas.


Mosaic Plate SW Browns.jpg

Southwestern browns, Van Gogh glass; commissioned

Trophies for the 2013 Cardigan National Specialty: Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, Best of Winners, and Breeder of Best of Breed.  Stained glass, ceramic, Van Gogh glass, gold smalti

Mosaic Plate Blues.jpg

Black and blue Van Gogh tiles, stained glass; commissioned

Mosaic Plates Mine Turq.jpg

Textured transparent glass, sea glass tiles; artist's collection

Mosaic Plate Mine Purple.jpg

Southwestern purples, hand-cut vitreous tiles;  artist's collection

Mosaic Paw Print Turq.jpg

         Paw print platter, vitrous tile, ceramic; sold

Mosaic Clock Southwestern (no paw prints

Clock, hand-cut vitreous tile; artist's collection

Mosaic Clock.jpg

    Paw print clock, hand-cut vitreous tile, ceramic; sold



Pembroke Welsh Corgi (fluffy), mirror tile and  and stained glass; commissioned

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