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Jennifer Roberson has a BS in journalism with extended majors in British history and anthropology.  Hobbies include showing dogs, and creating mosaic artwork and jewelry.  She lives in Arizona with a collection of cats and Cardigan Welsh Corgis.

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At the age of 14, with the oblivious confidence of adolescence,

 Jennifer Roberson  informed her mother she was going to write a book.  Her mother, equally book-obsessed, told her to go for it.

Roberson did.  And submitted the manuscript.  And received her first rejection slip.

Fifteen years later, DAW Books published Shapechangers,  the first  novel in the 8-volume Chronicles of the Cheysuli, and a career was born.   In the 38 years since then, working closely with DAW's Hugo Award-winning editor and publisher Betsy Wollheim,  Roberson has written three bestselling fantasy series, including the Cheysuli novels, the 8-volume Sword-Dancer  saga, the Karavans books, and in November 2019 debuts Life and Limb, the first volume in the ongoing Blood & Bone modern fantasy series.  

Roberson also collaborated with fantasy  bestsellers Melanie Rawn and Kate Elliott on World Fantasy Award finalist The Golden Key.

Novels in other genre include three historicals from Kensington:

Lady of the Forest and  its sequel, Lady of Sherwood, reinterpretations of the Robin Hood legend with emphasis  on Marian’s role; and a Scottish novel based on the documented 18th-century Massacre  of Glencoe,  Lady of the Glen


Roberson has also published an historical romance,

romantic suspense, and Western, and the fantasy short story

 collection Guinevere’s Truth +  Other Tales.  The DAW and

Kensington novels are available in all formats including Audible

recordings.  Non-fantasy novels and the short story collection 

are available via e-book format.

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