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Blood & Bone is a brand new fantasy series from DAW Books debuting in November 2019 with Life and Limb.  This is a major departure for the author because it is modern fantasy set in contemporary times rather than the epic fantasy of the Cheysuli, Sword-Dancer, and Karavans series.  


Blood & Bone is what Roberson calls a "kitchen sink" series because everything AND the kitchen sink will be thrown into the mix.   And while the two protagonists--an ex-con biker and Texas cowboy--team up as soldiers in the battle of Good vs. Evil, they are hardly on the same page. 


Born and raised thousands of miles apart by two very dissimilar families, Gabe and Remi, though strangers, have nonetheless been quietly guided through childhood by the beloved "old family friend" they've separately known as Grandaddy.    But boys become men, and those long-forgotten youthful vows made to Grandaddy come due.    Now both Gabe and Remi are bound to a desperate and dangerous service.

              Urban  Cowboy.  Urban  Biker.

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Okay, I’d inhaled legends, folklore, and mythology, grew up on science fiction and fantasy novels, movies, and TV shows.  It was therefore a completely natural extrapolation from that background to wonder if maybe I’d slipped through a wormhole into another dimension, or crossed over into the Twilight Zone, or hopped aboard the TARDIS.  For entertainment purposes, I’d learned long ago to suspend disbelief, just as Grandaddy asked.

Well, hell. Things had gone so far sideways as to be off the planet entirely.  I might as well allow myself a Mulder Moment.

I lifted my head from my hands. “Are you an alien?"

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S.W. Sondheimer, Book Riot:

Pub-date November 5th

Gabe’s grandfather trained the boy to use a gun

when he was seven. He taught Gabe all other

sorts of skill as well, though Granddaddy was

always cryptic about his purpose. It’s not until

years  later when, after a stint in prison done to

protect his little brother, Granddaddy summons

Gabe to a roadhouse in Flagstaff to meet his

“cousin” Remi, the cowboy to Gabe’s biker,

that both of them learn they’re soldiers in

Heaven’s war against Hell whether they want

to be or not.


Oh, and they may be part angel.


Unfortunately, they can still get hungover. And shot. Stabbed. Lay down their bikes. Break bones. And get eaten by demons.


It’s going to be a long war.

Gabriel: all snark and leather with a nobility of spirit that only goes so far with out a big old shove.

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