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              MARCH 2021
hardcover | ebook | audiobook
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introduces a new modern fantasy series from DAW Books
"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."
 But Who's to stop the devil if no one believes in him?
An ex-con biker and a Texas cowboy.

It’s the End of Days, and two perfectly ordinary young men who are strangers to one another have been conscripted to join the heavenly host in a battle against Lucifer’s spec ops troops: demons who now inhabit characters from fiction, history, myths, legends, and folklore.  But Gabe and Remi—an ex-con biker and Texas cowboy—must also come to grips with the unwelcome discovery that  they themselves are not entirely human, even as they climb the steepest of learning curves.

It’s myth and magic;  gods and goddesses;  angels and agendas.

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